Change of location of Flex Plugin for QTP Installer

1 06 2009

The Flex &AIR Plugin for QTP Installer is now no longer present inside Flash Builder (formerly known as Flex Builder). You will need to download it from the adobe labs site .Go to link and click on the Installing the Plug-in section and click on Adobe Flex 4 for HP Quick Test Pro.The Installer has now given way to a zip file which you can place on the computer where in you want to install the plugin and then just click on the Install_QTP_Plugin.bat and start automating!




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24 03 2010
26 03 2010
Steven Erat

This labs page is no longer active. The information it contained is gone. There is only a link to the Flash Builder product page.

The link to the QTP Plugin, and all the instructions, are gone, and are not present anywhere on

I had to retrieve the information and download link from Google’s cache:

The download link still works.

26 03 2010
Steven Erat

For convenience, here is the download link for Adobe Flex 4 Plug-in for HP QuickTest Pro zip file:

30 03 2010

My apologies that the link didnt work .I have updated the link in my post it should work now 🙂

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