Whats new in Flash Builder 4 Automation

2 06 2009

Flash Builder 4 has a whole new set of automation features which you can exploit.

  • Automation of Marshalled Flex and AIR applications -What is a marshalled application ? An application that loads another application (in a different application or security domain) using SWFLoader .Marshalled application can also have the sub applications compiled with a different sdk version than the main app.Keep in mind that marshalling as a feature only came into being from sdk 3.4 so as of now the main app /sub app can either be compiled with sdk 3.4 or sdk 4. Previously automation would work only if the applications are in same domain or children of main application domain but now you can take a complex marshalled application and automate it with ease!!
  • Automation of Flex 4 Applications – Automating a flex4  application that uses mx.core.Application and Halo components is supported while as  spark based applications and spark components are not supported as of now.
  • Automation of Flex 4 AIR applications -This is my favourite !!We now support automation of flex components in  AIR aplications as well! What we do not support is non flex controls (e.g HTML control , native controls, native drag drop etc ) in AIR.



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30 07 2009


This message seems to imply that html controls are supported in flash applications. I have a flex panel that shows an html page. QTP/Flex sees the panel but not the html part. Is there something in the configuration that needs to be enabled for that to happen or this is just not supported?

Many thanks.


31 07 2009

I think you read my message wrong .It says What we DO NOT support is non flex controls (e.g HTML control , native controls, native drag drop etc ) in AIR. Flex automation only recognises flex controls and HTML controls will not be recognised. I hope this helps 🙂

4 08 2009

Is there going to be QTP support for AIR applications built on Flash builder 3.2/3.4? I’ve been searching and all i see is QTP support for Flex web projects.

5 08 2009

No unfortunately QTP support for AIR automation starts with Flash Builder 4 using the 4 sdk and there will be no support for AIR on the version (3.2/3.4) sdks.You will need to upgrade to sdk 4 to use AIR Automation.

23 10 2009
Tigran Najaryan

Mark, you may want to have a look at RIATest which does support AIR applications built on SDK 3.x.

(Shanaz, I am not sure if it is appropriate to post a comment that is beneficial for the previous poster but inevitably is a plug for our product. If you find it unacceptable please feel free to reject my comment :-).

26 10 2009

Not at all Tigran Please feel free to post any comment which might be useful to the viewers of my blog .The end goal is to ensure everyone is aware of all the automation solutions out there so that they can make an informed decision 🙂

6 04 2010

Hello! Is there any sample about automation UI test based on Flex 4? I know that there’s an agent facilitates the communication between the Flex application and automation tools. Will the AutoQuick source based on Flex 4 be released? I want to get some help about FB4 UI automation test.

7 04 2010

Hi autoquick is just a sample but QTP +flex 4 plugin supports UI automation of flex you could try that.

8 04 2010

Thanks !
I am working at the Flex automation test tool development , so I want to get more info about automation implements based on FB4. There are always exceptions when it goes to “createID” and “resolveID” .

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