Basic TroubleShooting when Flex Automation does not work

5 06 2009

As a QE I have come across a number of people who have some sort of starting trouble with Flex Automation.As unlike a lot of other QTP add-ins flex expects you to make your application automatable in order to be recognized by QTP.

So I am just going to list a few basic things you should check through before you begin to dispair.

For Issues automation flex

  1. Ensure that you have installed the Flex add-in for QTP
  2. Ensure that you have selected both Flex and web add-ins in the add-in manager of QTP
  3. Now try to automate the automation enabled Flexstore example present on the web
  4. If  you are able to automate the above flex app that proves that your QTP setup is up and working so there is either some security restrictions blocking you from automating your application,or something within your applciation architecture or more commonly you have not comipled your application with automation swcs.
  5. Check the above options and if you are still unable to automate your application then log a bug in the adobe bugbase with a small reproducable sample of your application so that the engineer can investiage further.Log the bug under the category Flex Enterprise and Test Automation components.

A few Important points to note :

  1. Flex automation is only support on the Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Adobe has not official started supporting IE8 or QTP 10 as of now but we plan to support them for the upcoming release.
  • QTP 9.5 + IE7 works
  • QTP 9.5 + IE6 works
  • QTP 9.2 +IE6 works
  • QTP 9.2 +IE7 Does not work



4 responses

26 03 2010
Steven Erat

I’m presently running QTP 10 in trial mode for testing Flex 4. I’ve followed the instructions for Flash Builder 4 QTP Plugin installation, and followed your blog entry about the registry change for the TEA xml file. I still do not see Flex classes in the Object Repository when I test a simple Flex 4 app I compiled with the automation libraries.

I’m pretty frustrated because none of the Flash Builder 4 final documentation describes QTP 10 configuration for Flex 4. That was on Labs, but is now gone (except for Google Cache)

8 04 2010

There is no special configuration required for qtp10 even the code hinting work around is not necessary if you are using the flex 4 release qtp plugin as this has been fixed internally.

26 03 2010
Steven Erat

Ok, so I ran QTP 10 against the Flex Store app and it recorded a script as I moved through the application. There must have been some problem about compiling my Flex 4 test app with the automation libraries because there was no Flex objects visible. However, testing the Flex Store may not be a valid test anymore because it was written with Flex 2, or possibly Flex 3 (as hinted at in the top of the article about Flex Store). The new Spark components are Flex Store, so it cannot be used to test support for Flex 4.

8 04 2010

Hi Steven
Flexstore is still a valid test as it establishes the connection with QTP and proves that your QTP,Flex Plugin and IE are all configured properly.Flexstore being developed wth flex 2 and the curret spark applications all follow the same communication procedure.The reason why your application is not working versus the flexstore working is because flexsotre has been automation enabled while as there seems to be some problem in compiling your application with automation libraries i assume.Like i have mentioned in the bug you logged as well win xp sp3 on vmware from a mac machine is not supported please try the same on a windows machine.This works

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