Try the new AIR Automation using a sample Automatable AIR application

9 06 2009

Ok in order to try this new and excitng feature of Flash Builder you need to have the following Pre-requistes

  • QTP 9.5 or QTP 9.2
  • IE 7 or IE6 (if you have QTP 9.2)

Ok now follow these steps and you can have a trial run of our feature is all about.

  1. Download Flex QTP zip file from  here  and unzip it on the machine where you have QTP installed.
  2. Run the Install_QTP.bat file.
  3. Please go to the below link and install the Adobe Air Installer
  4. Now go to the link and download the automatable Flexstore AIR application  .
  5. Start QTP and select the AIR  add-in in the add-in manager screen.
  6. Now run the Flexsotre AIR application.You will get a message saying “Successfully connected to QTP”
  7. Now you can start automating the sample AIR app and explore the powers of AIR automation.



4 responses

23 02 2010

i have performed steps 1-6 successfully but when i start recording the AIR application qtp gets hanged after a while.What can be the problem

24 02 2010

Hummm QTP gets hanged during recording ?This seems strange.Can you please log a bug at along with a sample app where you are facing this issue and i will look into it.

23 02 2010

sorry i forgot to mention that that i have qtp9.5 with ie 6

24 02 2010

Application is sample AIR application which i downloaded from your post.

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