How to enable the Error log for AIR Automation

10 06 2009

AIR automation now comes with its own in built error logging mechanism.This is extremely useful when you need to drill down to the actually function call that is failing when you are faced with an issue.This also makes life much easier for the developer and QE if you were to attach this error log when you log a bug in the Adobe Bug base.

Steps how to enable this error log.

  1. Go to the path where you ave unzipped the Installer zip ie Adobe Flex 4 Plugin for HP QuickTest Pro\AIR
  2. Open the AIRPluginLogConfigFile.cfg file.
  3. Set LOG_ENABLING=1 and based on the amount of details you want for each function you can set the function values to 0,1 or 2 under the CONFIG_DETAILS_START section.
  4. Now restart QTP and the perform the erronous action .
  5. You will find the log file being generated in the Adobe Flex 4 Plugin for HP QuickTest Pro\AIR folder under the name Flex_Plugin_Log.txt.

Enabling the error log slows down automation.So i would recommend that you switch it off whenever not needed




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