Common issues faced in AIR Automation and simple ways to work around them !

26 06 2009

AIR automation as the name rightly suggests provides automation of flex/AIR components only within the boundaries of the AIR application.Normally this should be fine but as the AIR capabilities are soo awesome that they allow lots of interaction with the users system like drag drop of components from the desktop to the air app and vice versa .This is where we can fall back on the basic window recording of QTP to overcome these problems.

So lets say you want to automate dragdrop from desktop onto the AIR app or you would like to minimize/ maximize the AIR Application window this is how to go about it.

1.Just go to Automation->Record and run Settings and click on the Window Application tab.

2.Now select the first radio button ie Record and run test on any open windows based application.

Perform the required action outside the AIR app and then switch back to the 2nd option in the Windows application tab.




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