Flex Automation support for Spark Components in Flash Builder beta2

5 10 2009

We have now extended automation support for Spark compnonents as well (if your wondering what are spark components,  there are the components that are prefixed with <s: like for example if u just create a project using sdk 4 you flex application will be a spark application i.e it will be <s:Application instead of <mx:Application the latter is called halo components).Previously automation support was only provided for halo components .As this feautre is still in progress we have only provided automation support for certain spark components.

List of Spark Components made automation ready for Beta 2

  1. Application 
  2. Button  
  3. CheckBox 
  4. Panel
  5. Radio Button 
  6. ScrollBar
  7. TextArea
  8. Text Input
  9. VGroup
  10. HGroup
  11. RichEditableText
  12. Slider
  13. NumericStepper


Also we will need to specify that Automation of these Spark Components is currently supported only for Flex applications.

Users interested in trying this new feature will need to include flash_builder_root\sdks\4.0.0\frameworks\libs\automation\automation_spark.swc along with the other automation swcs in the additional compiler arguments.