Im Shanaz Vakil and I work at Adobe Systems as a Flex engineer.There are numerous blogs on how to build Flex applications but very few tell you how to test these apps once they are built 🙂 .So my blog will be on Automation testing of Flex and AIR apps.


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28 08 2009

I cannot believe this will work!

25 03 2010

Hi, some great posts here.

What other blogs do you recommand to read about Flex automation?

8 04 2010

Unfortunately there arnt too many blogs for flex automation but you could check out http://ranikumar.wordpress.com/

29 03 2010


We are trying to build our app using Flex SDK 3.5; which is a webapp. In earlier version we userd Flex SDK 3.2 and for automation we used SilkTest 2008 R2 PS1 with flextechdomain.swc to enable it for automation.

Now the issue is, when we upgraded to Flex SDK 3.5, we dont get any compile errors, but application UI does not show up when automation enabled.

It works fine if reference to Silktest automation libraries are removed. Is there any thing we need to do additionally to make it work with Flex SDK 3.5? or when Adobe or Borlad are comming up with Silktest support?


8 04 2010

ideally the application should behave the same way with or wothout automation implemeted in it.Adobe currently provides QTP support for the Flex plugin .The silktest support is provided by Borland itself if im not mistaken.

6 04 2010

Hey Shanaz

I think what you have started here real valuable to help the automation guys out there. Keep up the good work and I hope I will be talking to you soon as I will be looking into using QTP automation with Flex.


6 04 2010
Dan Jost

Great blog – Thanks for all the info!!!

28 04 2010

First of all. Thank you very much for your useful post.

I just came across your blog and wanted to drop you a note telling you how impressed I was with the information you have

posted here.

Please let me introduce you some info related to this post and I hope that it is useful for software testing community.

There is a good eBook for Software Testing & QTP, Have a look


7 11 2010

Hello Shanaz,

Firstly thank you for having and updating this blog regurlalry. Help for flex automating is very limited and this definately comes out handy.

Haven’t read much about QTP flex add in for Firefox. The native QTP add in is only for IE and in the event of us requiring to execute scripts on Firefox, does Adobe plan to release any such add in in the near future.

Posts & Blogs suggest the plug-in provided by adobe is only for IE. Guess you are the right person to guide us in this regard.


8 11 2010

Unfortunately there are no cuurent plans to support the flex plugin on firefox .

13 09 2011


Do you know if it’s possible to automate Sprite based components?

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